Four Decoration Rules You Can (And Should) Break

Rules are made to be broken, and decoration is no exception. It is true that to be able to break them in a big way and maintain a harmonious interior, you have to have some experience (or very good taste), but you can take small steps and try. We give you some suggestions to transgress the established parameters and give a very personal touch to your decoration. Don’t be predictable, and let yourself go!

Do Not Mix Bold Prints

Eye-catching motifs can be tricky to match, and the general rule of thumb is don't mix multiple of them together. A single bold print is more than enough in most cases, but what if you want to risk something else? Create a dramatic atmosphere by mixing prints and using them even on large surfaces. Start with small details like the cushions and increase the risk with larger spaces. You can perfectly mix flowers and stripes or any other type of print. The trick is that the different motifs share style and have matching shades.

Don’t Use Dark Colors In Small Spaces.

In small spaces, the general advice is to paint with white and decorate minimalist furniture with clean lines. How about the exact opposite? In this bathroom, the walls have been painted dark blue, and the decorative elements (mirror, pictures, and lamp) are not at all minimalist. We do recommend that you do not clutter the space with objects and take advantage of natural lighting. Use a satin paint, as well as mirrors and chrome that reflect the light so that it is not oppressive.

Always Center The Frames

At the time of hanging the paintings, it is usual that we take a thousand and one measures to make sure that they are centered, all at the same height, placed perfectly in the center of the bed … Our proposal is that you break with that rule and avoid conventionally. Do not take a measurement and place your paintings where you want and where you see the beautiful, forgetting about centers and heights. You will give additional interest to your interiors and will make the eyes go where you want.

Eye-Catching Wallpapers, Just On One Wall

With a highly decorative wallpaper, it is usual to use it only on an accent wall, while keeping the rest more discreet. Would you dare to break this rule? If you have a wallpaper that you love, don’t hold back on one wall and take it to all of them. Of course, we recommend that you only launch to break this rule in small spaces. The bathrooms are the perfect setting to play with daring designs due to their small size. Take them as a small laboratory in which to develop your ideas … and soak it all up!